About Us

A foundation for any society is sharing experience and knowledge, and so it is with Flatwater Overland.

Flatwater Overland is a distinctive group of enthusiasts interested in vehicle dependent overland travel.  We are not particular about the kind of vehicle you drive or where you like to explore.  What we do care about is documenting, understanding and preserving the lands and history we get to see and experience.  We maintain defined standards and a definitive vision regarding how we conduct our adventures. Although our activities revolve around personal exploration and recreation, we are also keen to responding to others who are in danger or otherwise in need of our unique overland capabilities within our sphere of influence. 

A foundation for any society is sharing experience and knowledge, and so it is with Flatwater Overland.  Aside from the adventures themselves, we at Flatwater Overland desire to share our experiences with others by developing high quality media resources for overland adventurers.  We purpose to not only share our overland journeys, but our knowledge and skills as well. Please join us as we focus on exploring an experiencing North America off the beaten path.


About The Name

“Flatwater” is the translation of the colloquial Pawnee word used to name the state where we originated- Nebraska.  This is a reference to the wide and meandering Platte River which flows from the heart of the Rocky Mountains through the length of the state and into the mighty Missouri River.  “Overland” refers to the purpose of our group.  We are interested in, and engaged in overland adventure travel and exploration.  The vast majority of our operations have to do with vehicle dependent overland travel, but we also truly enjoy dismounted exploration and any travel that leads to greater appreciation of our natural world.  We believe in promoting mutually beneficial communities and society.  The most important aspect of this vision, to us, is the understanding that, as people, we are connected through history and the land where we live.  How we interact with both people and the land reveals who we really are.

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